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"We Arrived, We Analyzed, We Overtook"

A great mechanical evil plagues the inhabitants of a universe beyond our own. Aboard their massive planet-encircling Fortress the sentient Zarnok robots will stop at nothing to conquer or destroy everyone in their path. As Robo, you must single-handedly try to stop the Zarnok robots and prevent the destruction of his home planet. Discover the origins of the Zarnok Fortress and the sinister motives of the robots aboard.


The evil Zarnok robots have turned their visors towards Robo’s home planet. Fight to stop them in a race against time by sabotaging their massive Fortress in this 2D Action-platformer.

2D Action-Platformer

Think Megaman cross Majora's Mask. Save your home planet from the evil Zarnok Robots and their massive space Fortress in this open-ended Action Platformer. Explore over 50 interconnected levels of the Fortress to sabotage 6 unique zones and achieve victory. The Fortress is full of alternate paths to appeal to to both platforming masters and combat experts, plus hidden paths to be discovered by the most dedicated players.

Race against the clock

Destroy the Fortress before it reaches your home planet!

Stealth elements

Avoid setting off the alarm or be prepared to blast apart all the reinforcements coming your way


Destroy parts of the ship and your actions will have real consequences on game-play, like taking out the Ship's engines to slow it down.


Zarnok Robots will repair the ship as you sabotage it piece by piece, be quick to destroy them all, or plant explosives to take them all out at once, without receiving the benefit of destroying that ship segment.

Adaptive Arsenal

Blast enemies apart with Lasers, a powerful melee attack, and Magnetic Grenades

Artificial Inteligence

Enemies get more intelligent as you play, giving familiar encounters a fresh challenge

Enemies and Ranks


Sentries are dispatched in response to alarms. They are freshly made Zarnok robots, and possess little to no experience. It is a badge of shame to get hit by a falling Sentry that you shot out of the air, and a rather painful one too! They must pack these things with high explosives or something.


Workers do their best to keep the Fortress in repair, always fixing it up after rowdy Combat-class robots damage it. It's anyone's guess how long they'll go without snapping in a fit of frustration. Perhaps they get some satisfaction out of summoning Sentries whenever they notice a threat.


Fighters are most reliant on their small laser pistols, but they will also throw grenades. Their armor is weak but they have strength in numbers, at least, that's what the stronger Zarnok Robots tell them so they feel better about themselves.


Experienced Fighters are outfitted with extra armor plating. Their only weakness might be the limited ammo of their signature Railguns. You'd think they might have solved that by now, but that's what happens when you buy from the lowest bidder.


Experts are absolutely brutal in nature, focusing on close-quarters-combat attacks using shaped light to cut their opponents apart. If their enemies had blood they'd totally bathe in it.


The highest of the Zarnok Robot Ranks, Elites use the improved mobility of their jet-packs and the added fire-power of their arm-mounted cannons to devastating effect. Because experience only goes so far in reducing your opponents to piles of ash.

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