A Free Roaming, Tactical Action Platformer

on windows, Mac and Linux

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Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress is an Open World 2D Tactical Action Platformer. Take on the massive, interconnected Zarnok Fortress, and sabotage its crucial systems to halt its advance on your world. Your foe remains ever vigilant, learning from its mistakes and actively repairing sabotaged zones. Play as Robo, who’s about the most nimble machine you’ve ever seen sporting tank treads, and the acting guardian of the planet Saphirium. Master your abilities to take the Fortress offline, dynamically affecting every other zone as you work towards your goal of dealing the finishing blow to cripple the Fortress beyond repair and put an end to the dark reign of the Zarnok.
  • Explore a colorful 2D open world with 8 distinct zones, each with a unique set of obstacles, totalling over 50 interconnected levels
  • Hack the ship's systems to cause havoc and take hazards offline.
  • Race against time: when you are faced with a planet ravaging evil alien force, managing time is important: look at map, go to terminal, play a game of yachtsee, hack...all your base are belong to us.
  • Master the alternate paths present in every level to stop the Fortress faster than anyone else!
  • Navigate the Digital Environment, a game-within-a-game where the clock is stopped, but you’re in an extra vulnerable state as you Fast-Travel around the Fortress.
  • Sneak past enemies to get the drop on them or be prepared to blast your way through hordes of reinforcements.
  • Uncover the mysterious origin of the Zarnok by accessing Lore Terminals hidden throughout the Fortress!
  • Consistent challenge presented by an adaptive AI. Use the Digital Environment to scramble their data bytes, Pac-Man style.
  • Face off against six distinct classes of enemy robots, each presenting a unique combat challenge, from swarming Sentries to the brutal Elites
  • Rock out to the fast paced retro melodies that you’ll want to listen to long after the game is over
  • Challenge yourself to get all the Steam Achievements and experience all new ways to play

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